Full Spectrum Camera

DSC00023I have modified this camera to make it sensitive to a wider spectrum of light than just the visible spectrum. In particular, the camera is now sensitive to infrared light.

Because the camera is rebuilt to full-spectrum sensitivity, no normal colours are expected from the camera. For example, green leaves turn pink / red, (white in black and white). The camera cannot be used for “normal” family or holiday pictures. Please do not complain that the colours are “unfaithful”.

DSC04116Often such images are converted to black and white with the help of a computer.

The advantage is that the camera can take photos in the dark when using an infrared flashlight or similar IR light source.

DSC00024 2
There are people who believe that such cameras can see spirits or ghosts as traces of energy in the form of fog or other optical effects. People who record EVP (Electronic Vocal Phenomena) with dictation devices such as the Panasonic RR-DR60 or Panasonic DR60 may also make infrared recordings to see if such manifestations are visible. Such people use full spectrum cameras like this one for paranormal investigations or ghost hunting.

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