We can choose to be happy. This may seem hard or even impossible at times but we have the choice. It takes a lot of self-control and acceptance of present circumstances perhaps but it is not impossible. Since what we currently perceive is based on past experiences, it is often healthy to cuts links with... Continue Reading →


There are so many flavours of meditation to choose from. The common theme is to empty your mind and to find stillness. I find this very useful and more refreshing than sleeping. Meditation can also open channels to the "source" and can provide mystical experiences. This is no longer considered as meditation of course. If... Continue Reading →

Cacao Ceremony

The Cacao Ceremony held by the wonderful Charlie Wilson was held at the lovely Reem's magical house located in a forest beside a river in Pai, Thailand. The ceremony consisted of guided meditation and drinking of Cacao drink to call the spirit of Cacao to open our hearts and connect us with Earth and Cosmic... Continue Reading →

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