Community Lunch

Yes there is such a thing as a a free lunch! At Shekina Garden in Pai, Thailand every Sunday at 1pm. This lovely Christian community offers free, partially home grown, vegetarian food followed by live acoustic music. The event is very well attended and the feeling of community is really strong with young and old... Continue Reading →

Cacao Ceremony

The Cacao Ceremony held by the wonderful Charlie Wilson was held at the lovely Reem's magical house located in a forest beside a river in Pai, Thailand. The ceremony consisted of guided meditation and drinking of Cacao drink to call the spirit of Cacao to open our hearts and connect us with Earth and Cosmic... Continue Reading →

Chiangmai to Pai

by motorcycle (in England it would be viewed as a moped or a scooter). Having done the trip a few times by minibus I decided to drive myself the 120km of which 82km consists of 762 steep switchback hairpin bends on a narrow road connecting the two cities. The route is famous for car sickness... Continue Reading →

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