At first I dismissed Netflix as just another portal for mindless Hollywood entertainment. A friend of mine shared his account with me and recommended I take a look. Of course there is plenty of mindless violence and cheap entertainment, but I also discovered some series that interested me. Netflix films its own material, and there... Continue Reading →


Using a pendulum to get answers is a form of scrying. You pose a question such that the answer can be either "yes" or "no" and the pendulum shows you the answer through its direction of swing. You might believe that the answer comes from the "source" or the Universe or from your own subconscious.... Continue Reading →


We came from the Earth and we go back to the Earth. Sometimes we forget this connection, especially if we are involved in lofty or high vibration activities. Grounding helps us to reconnect with Mother Earth. Find a place where you feel at peace, preferably in the nature if you have any nearby. It's great... Continue Reading →

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