Dietary Dilemma

It was Christmas and I gave up my normal eating regime since it was too difficult being with friends and family over the festive season. This resulted in me eating out in pubs and restaurants (some of these quite expensive) and thus exposing myself to processed foods, meat, chemicals, sugar, alcohol and lactose (which I... Continue Reading →


Cooking is not just about making something to eat. I recently discovered that cooking connects people when it is done as a group activity or when one person cooks with awareness for another. There is something magical about sharing a meal and even more so when the work involved in cooking/clearing up is also shared.... Continue Reading →

Food is Medicine

How often do we take care about what we eat? Food passes through your body and some is absorbed, becoming part of you. Do you want to fill yourself with "low vibration" junk that is detrimental to health and causes disease or do you prefer to think of food as medicine, consuming intelligently chosen foodstuffs... Continue Reading →

Community Lunch

Yes there is such a thing as a a free lunch! At Shekina Garden in Pai, Thailand every Sunday at 1pm. This lovely Christian community offers free, partially home grown, vegetarian food followed by live acoustic music. The event is very well attended and the feeling of community is really strong with young and old... Continue Reading →

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