Couchsurfing is a system whereby people can request to stay in other people's homes free of charge, worldwide. It is not about saving money. It is about spreading peace and knowledge throughout the world in a non-judgmental way and without barriers of race, age, gender or anything else. Some of my friends find the idea... Continue Reading →


For those of you who don't know what it is, couchsurfing is an organised system for providing free accommodation to strangers. It is not about saving money. It is about getting to know people and promoting goodwill. I have met amazing people through Couchsurfing and made some really good friends. Russian hitchhikers, Chinese cyclists travelling... Continue Reading →

Chiangmai to Pai

by motorcycle (in England it would be viewed as a moped or a scooter). Having done the trip a few times by minibus I decided to drive myself the 120km of which 82km consists of 762 steep switchback hairpin bends on a narrow road connecting the two cities. The route is famous for car sickness... Continue Reading →

Flying High

I took my Geiger counter on a recent long haul flight to measure the background cosmic radiation at an altitude of 12,000 metres and here is the result Normal background radiation on the ground is usually 15 to 20 cpm (counts per minute). Don't worry, I made the measurement in the toilet so as not... Continue Reading →

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