Help When Needed


Quite some time ago I bumped into a young man at an art exhibition. We talked for a few minutes and he told me I should look at

Zenhabits which has some wonderful podcasts, and


These two websites really resonated with me and set me on my right path for the future. I had some questions about my life, having just finished a long relationship and wondering what should happen next. We met for a talk on one other occasion and remained friends via Facebook but that was it. It was as if an angel had manifested as it had an important message to give to me.

Fast forward to eight years later. My “friend” finds himself in a similar position to that which I was in all those years ago. He happened to be visiting my town and so we met. We immediately started talking about his life issues and changes in energy. Now it is his turn to reflect and make some changes in his life.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will come” – quote from A Course in Miracles.



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