Bilocation and DNA Activation


I was invited to a Bilocation and DNA Activation event. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect so as usual I Googled it (links at the bottom of this page). After an introductory talk about the multidimensional universe and genetic memory and some discussion about risks involved with what we were about to do, I volunteered along with a few other people to give it a go. I decided to formulate an intention to find a solution to a question that I have about myself and how to achieve a certain goal. The procedure involved standing upright with closed eyes whilst the practitioner did some energy work behind my back which caused me to lean backwards and fall into his waiting arms. I recognised this as a well known hypnotic induction technique so I allowed myself to be lowered gently to the floor and allowed my body to feel heavy against the floor, relaxing all muscles and emptying my mind of any thoughts. I quickly entered a trance state where I began to “dream”. I was lying on the floor of a forest where various creatures came to stare at me. A squirrel arrived and as I recognised this as my power animal (from Shamanic journeying practice), I followed it. The squirrel led me to a large rocky outcrop with a small cave entrance where an old man was sitting on the ground in front of a fire. He explained some things to me and then placed some symbols into my Aura and sent me back to the forest where I had started from. During the journey back, I was told that the old man was in fact my future self and that he had given me the answer and tools that I needed to answer my request. I awoke from the trance felling quite surprised that I appeared to have made a return journey into the future in my trance state. Let’s see if his (my) advice will work…


DNA Activation

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