Choosing Family


This is where things start to sound weird to the uninitiated. It is either impossible to choose the parents to which you are born, or you believe that you come from a group of souls who have chosen to incarnate at the same time and in the same place in order to learn something or to clear Karmic issues.

Have you ever met someone where you feel an instant connection or affinity without any possible reason for this ? Perhaps you knew their soul in a previous incarnation and you are meeting them again for a reason ?

Normally we have no recollection of these things although such memories can be accessed through deep hypnosis or past life regression. Some people are able to read past life information from others without the need for hypnosis or any other trance state.

The revealing of such information can be very therapeutic or healing and can clear blockages or tension in the current life and sometimes reveal the “soul purpose” of an individual. This is known as Life Between Lives (LBL) therapy.

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