In physics, vibration refers to a rhythmical motion. It might be mechanical or it might be energy, such as a wave like light. Different frequencies of vibration in light result in different colours (hence the photo above). In spiritual terms, we like to give the labels of “high Vibration” or “low vibration” to activities, people, ideas, foods, in fact anything. Of course, this is being judgemental, but it helps us to understand what is good for us and what is not. Meat, alcohol, sugar, drugs and comfort foods are seen as “low vibration” for example, vegetables, fruits and pulses are seen as “high Vibration”. “High Vibration” applied to people or activities means performing activities or conversations which are “for the higher good” and are not detrimental to oneself or to others. Idle gossip and performing mindless games or negativity are also seen as “low vibration”. I think you get the picture by now…

How vibration results in consciousness

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