A Course in Miracles


A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a book which was allegedly channelled to its scribe (Helen Shucman). Channelled information from the Source is usually very powerful and contains the Truth. The book consists of one exercise per day which should be practised for a short period of time on each specific day. The whole course takes one year to carry out to completion. This course seems to have a transformative effect on people (I have seen this at first hand). The Course is used as the basis of the work carried out by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and is capable of producing astounding results. It is best carried out with a teacher or mentor. I had the good fortune to bump into such a person (you know who you are) and have enjoyed the enormous privilege of having a friend explain The Course to me through examples, as they occur in daily life. The Course is not about performing miracles. It is about acknowledging and being thankful for miracles as and when they happen.

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