In many cultures, death is a taboo subject and not gladly discussed. It is the only certainty in life and yet is fearfully talked about, if at all, in hushed voices, as if such a discussion might bring on the phenomenon itself. In some cultures, death is celebrated with joyous partying ! What is it that can cause these very different views of the same phenomenon ? On a spiritual level, death may be seen as a transition from one form of existence to another. Since the soul consists of energy and energy can be neither destroyed nor created, then death can only be the transformation of energy from one form to another. “But it must be really painful, right ?” Hopefully death occurs during a peaceful sleep or so suddenly that there is very little awareness of it. Some schools of thought believe that when impending death is sensed (for example in an aircraft that is about to crash) then the souls depart the body and observes what is happening from outside, without feeling it in the body. This is an extreme form of psychological dissociation, which is a well known phenomenon which takes place during situations involving extreme psychological or physical stress. Some people believe that only through death can we become reunited with God and hence whole again. Others believe that we will be reincarnated and so have nothing to worry about. Consensual reality scientists believe nothing…


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