Bars, Pubs and Discos


They can be a lot of fun right ? Only if we keep control of course. Look at the number of accidents that are related to such pastimes – violence, traffic accidents, rape, pregnancies, misconduct, arguments, jealousy – the list is endless. Alcohol is the main factor of course and is known to lower inhibitions in order to allow people to overcome their shyness and to “connect” in ways which they otherwise would not manage. The problem is when this is taken to extremes and people express themselves in ways that are no longer socially acceptable (this depends on where you live and what is considered to be “acceptable”). In some cultures, if a crime is committed whilst drunk then drunkenness is added to the list of crimes. In other cultures, if a crime is committed whilst drunk then drunkenness admonishes the responsibility for one’s actions…

On a spiritual level, it is believed that earth-bound souls and entities which have not managed to leave the earthly realm hang around such locations waiting for people who have weakened their defences by consuming alcohol or drugs. Such entities can then attach to the people, causing them to behave in ways to satisfy the needs of the entities and no longer those of the affected people (this might be referred to as “possession”).

Cheers !

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