Life Between Lives


Beyond death is the unknown right ? Or nothingness ? Thousands of people have reported Near Death Experiences (NDA’s) where they have gone into a bright light and been greeted by the spirits of deceased loved ones or met God or Christ, only to be told to go back as their rôle is not yet finished on Earth. Doctors often attribute these experiences to hallucinations due to oxygen starvation of the brain or the effect of medication that has been used. Some researchers believe that large quantities of naturally produced dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is released in the brain on death and that this causes the hallucinations.

One esoteric branch of hypnotherapy involves Life between Lives (LBL) therapy where the patient is regressed under hypnosis backwards through time into a previous life. The patient is then asked to quickly recount how that past life ended and then to find themselves immediately afterwards in the LBL state. Here they report being with their Soul Group, reviewing their performance in that past life and planning the next. When a committee of Masters resolves that they are ready, the soul is then incarnated into the next life in a chosen family and location in order to learn that life’s lesson or to resolve issues from past lives (Karma). Memories of the previous life are erased. In therapy, knowing what issues have been discussed and agreed upon may help to resolve issues in the current life or to provide information about the current life’s purpose.

It has been suggested that one should not interfere too deeply in the issues of other people as “healing” them might prevent them from the planned experience or life-lesson, thus causing them to have to repeat the whole exercise in another life. This might be seen as controversial !

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