Cacao Ceremony

The Cacao Ceremony held by the wonderful Charlie Wilson was held at the lovely Reem’s magical house located in a forest beside a river in Pai, Thailand. The ceremony consisted of guided meditation and drinking of Cacao drink to call the spirit of Cacao to open our hearts and connect us with Earth and Cosmic energies. It has quite a Shamanic feel to it. Everyone loves chocolate right? And with a healthy dose of chili it is even more magical! We did connective exercises such as eye-gazing and connected breathing.

We decided that a second round of Cacao drink could do no harm.

To finish up there was Kirtan singing of sacred songs in Sanskrit and in English. The feeling was magical.

When the ceremony was over we went to eat food at crazy tipsy Korean lady’s place which was amazing. She is a really talented musician and cook and we ended up singing along for quite some time

Thank you to everyone involved for making such a wonderful evening. Let’s do it again soon!

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