Words have Energy

How often do we choose wisely the words that we use? A single word can create a wonderful atmosphere – or a devastating one. “Fat” can destroy a person’s self esteem in an instant if used uncaringly, although it is seen as desirable in Sumo wrestlers and demonstrates visible wealth in some countries. Some words have negative connotations. Of course this is not a hard rule and varies depending on context. One of the most commonly used words in this category is “but”. Consider the sentence “I like you but…” This hardly ever ends well. Consider instead using “I like you and…”. You see how much better this feels?

The energy of words can be harnessed powerfully by choosing carefully how we use them.

Consider the following:

Person A: “How was the food?”

Person B: “It was bad”

Person A: “I think you mean you didn’t like it”

A more extreme example of the energy of words is the use of mantras and incantations.

This may be the reason why Sanskrit, although considered a “dead” language is stilled used for chanting by Buddhist monks all over the world. Imagine if there were a single word that would cause instant “enlightenment” in anyone that heard it. I wonder what that word might be? And would it be the same word for everyone?

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